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Adopt rainwater harvesting, says Minister

Karnataka’s Urban Development, Law and Parliamentary Affairs Minister S. Sureshkumar on Saturday inaugurated Rain Water Harvest Rally in his constituency in Rajajinagar in Bangalore in the presence of a large number of people.

In fact students from various schools and college students participated in this rally to create awareness about utilise of rain water harvest.

Mr Kumar said the government has made mandatory adoption of rainwater harvesting in the State. All those who construct new houses and buildings have to adopt rain water harvesting system, he said.

Adopt rainwater harvesting

Interestingly, the Bangalore city has been facing severe water problem through out the year due to poor planning and lack of implementation of the rainwater harvesting by the residents of the City.

A large number of people utilize Cauvery drinking water supplied from the river Cauvery to wash their cars and other vehicles and even gardening. Creating awareness of rainwater harvesting could help to save a lot of potable water. The recycled water would be used for washing clothes, cars and gardening in the city, he said.

Several government buildings including Vikasa Soudha and other newly constructed ones had adopted rainwater harvesting method, he said.

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