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LKAB capitalizes benefit of Sandvik AutoMine-Lite™

Sandvik installs

Sandvik AutoMine-Lite

Swedish mining company LKAB

Swedish mining company LKAB has chosen Sandvik’s AutoMine-Lite™ for the test and evaluation for their Kiruna mine automation system.

Sandvik AutoMine-Lite™ is a new single loader automation system, which is now commercially available from the beginning of 2010. The system is a comprehensive and reliable automation system for medium size mining operations, to increase productivity and improve the overall safety. LKAB Kiruna system commissioning will start during 2nd quarter of 2010.

"Sandvik AutoMine-Lite™ will provide new opportunities in automated mining," said Elias Engman, Account Manager, Sandvik Mining and Construction. "The Sandvik AutoMine-Lite™ allows LKAB to capitalize on the new opportunities by providing a safe and more continuous mining process. The AutoMine-Lite™ offers LKAB a unique technology that fits to their automation system needs."

AutoMine-Lite™ is an advanced alternative for teleremote and radio remote control (RRC) systems. AutoMine-Lite™ is based on the proven AutoMine® core technology and is available for vast range of the Sandvik loaders. A flexible and modular system offers complete working safety, ease of operation and high level productivity making loader automation available for even more mining applications.

"Integrating Sandvik’s intellectual property with a mine’s current, or new platform is becoming increasingly popular for our customers who are looking to cost efficiently expand their productivity," notes Taina Heimonen, Manager of Mine Automation at Sandvik Mining and Construction. "Our innovative and proven state-of-art technologies for mine automation, combined with our vast engineering resources with wide knowledge base provide a strong value proposition for the global mining companies. Sandvik’s automation technology enables a new set of functionalities for our customers in underground mining, providing a demonstrable advantage while creating a new and sustainable source of revenue and safety."

LKAB’s mine in Kiruna is among the worlds most modern, thanks to investments in advanced technology and large-scale production systems. Luossavaara-Kiirunavaara AB (LKAB) is an international high-tech minerals group, one of the world’s leading producers of upgraded iron ore products for the steel industry and a growing supplier of industrial minerals products to other sectors.

For further information, please contact:
Elias Engman, Account Manager, Sandvik Mining and Construction, tel. +46 980 82833 or Taina Heimonen, Product Line Manager, Automation of Sandvik Underground Mining tel. +358 40 581 89 25

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