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Bihar to formulate water management policy

PATNA: Bihar PHED minister Ashwini Kumar Chaubey has returned from Singapore with plans for water management in the state. Hugely impressed with


the experiments in Singapore, which was dependent on other countries for its water requirement, Chaubey said that he has conceived some plans and would solicit cooperation from Singapore.

Chaubey, who was one of the six government representatives from India to participate in the Singapore International Water Week which concluded on June 26, on Sunday said that Bihar will soon formulate its water policy.

The PHED minister said that he has been promised that a team of experts of Public Utility Board (PUB) of Singapore will come here and after studying the situation will suggest solution to overcome drinking water problem in Patna, Bhagalpur, Gaya, Muzaffarpur, Darbhanga and other big cities. Also, the engineers and experts from Bihar will go to Singapore and study the new water techniques developed there.

Chaubey had a unique experience of drinking sewerage water with the Prime Minister of Singapore and other world leaders. The country has successfully recycled the sewerage water and branding it as new water. A 2,500 billion dollar plant has been set up there after years of study and research which was inaugurated during the conference.

Among the plans on the agenda of Chaubey include formation of a groundwater regulatory authority for maximum use of surface water and to keep groundwater reserve, strict implementation of rain water harvesting in apartments as per the law and to make people aware about the importance of water and to check its wastage.

A plan of action has been suggested by him for the plateau areas of south Bihar where water becomes a scarcity during summer. This scheme will be formulated with the cooperation of other departments like irrigation, urban development, Panchayati Raj and rural development.

Chaubey also hopes to develop dual water supply system under which fresh water would be used for drinking and recycled water for other than drinking purpose will be supplied. He said in rural areas per capita water consumption per day is 40 litres while in urban areas this need goes up to 130 litres a day.

The PHED minister lamented the absence of a representative of the government of India at the conference where delegations from 75 countries, including head of states, participated. “The Singapore authorities pointed it out and it was a moment of embarrassment for us,” he said. He also assailed officials of Bihar as well of the country for attempting to scuttle his visit to Singapore. However, he did not identify the officials.

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