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Water crisis and green careers

The California Department of Water Resources and The Association of California Water Agencies launched in April, 2009 a new Save Our Water program to conserve water as California is facing the 3rd year of drought and severe water shortages. The program was developed in response to Governor Schwarzenegger’s February 2009 proclamation of a statewide drought emergency.   
Save Our H2O is a statewide public education initiative designed to educate Californians on the state’s water challenges, encourage all to reduce the amount of water they use everyday, and help preserve California's most precious resource.
Save Our Water program has a well designed, inviting, and resourceful website with extensive information, links, articles, and more.

What does 'Save Our H2O' program have to do with Green Jobs?

Let's examine the elements of the program, the skill-sets required to develop and launch it, as well as maintain an ongoing, viable, useful, dynamic, and engaging resource.

The program involves policy makers, government agencies, regulation organizations, educators, communication experts, writers (for website content), graphic designers, software developers, user-interface specialists, behavioral professionals, program managers, marketing expertise, public relations, press presence, technology infrastructure, funding, environmental activists, campaign/event organizers. and more.

The program has profiles in FaceBook and Twitter. Someone needs to maintain these.

The website even offers a Rebate Finder tool, that helps find Rebates on water saving appliances and more at Well, someone needs to manage the rebates.

You get the idea: most of the above business areas and occupations indirectly contribute to a healthier planet, i.e. water conservation in California. But all of them present Green career paths and help move the Green revolution forward.
When seeking a green opportunity, or when transitioning to a green occupation, look at your current experience, skills, knowledge, and interests. You will find that you can transfer them into the green collar arena. 

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