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Stimulus money to be used for nuclear power, energy secretary announces

Stephen Chu, Obama's energy secretary, said that America needs to be open to developing more nuclear power.  The announcement came as Chu was speaking to the Western Governor's Association in Deer Valley Utah.  Chu noted that there are enough funds that were allocated in the recently passed stimulus package to pay for three or four new power plants.

 President Barack Obama has been an advocate for renewable energy and campaigned to put America back on track in renewable energy research.  Stephen Chu, who is from Berkeley, has voiced optimism about clean coal and nuclear power, saying that the public's view that nuclear is dangerous has been blown out of proportion.  
No new nuclear power plant has been constructed since 1979, when the infamous Three Mile Island core meltdown happened in Pennsylvania.  Despite being a promising energy source in the 70s, a few mistakes had politicians and society rallying against it.  France has taken a big step in investing in nuclear power, which powers about 80% of the country.
 There are obstacles and drawbacks to nuclear power, but with climate change and global warming looming, some direction is needed.  We can't continue to stand idle as the populations grows exponentially.  

The Obama Administration has made developing energy technologies and green jobs at the forefront of his political agenda.  Stephen Chu is renowned as a brilliant scholar in the area of energy development, not to mention being a nobel laureate.  Whether or not nuclear power is right for America right now, one thing for sure is that progress is needed or we will have to watch as the world passes us up in science and technology. 


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