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New rainwater harvest system to recharge borewells

HYDERABAD: Though summer is on its way out, the issue of lowered ground water levels in and around the Twin Cities are still a pressing concern for Water Board officials and environmentalists alike. The Hyderabad Municipal Water Supply and Swerage Board (HMS&SB) in this connection had already announced that it has been providing value added services like discount on construction of rain water harvesting pits, along with services like consultation on estimate and calculations regarding the construction of ground water management apparatus.
Currently, all buildings measuring 300 square feet or more are required by the city law to have provision for rainwater harvesting. While the usual method is to create a collector placed usually on the terrace, which is connected to a filtration system and a borewell, a combination of which restores groundwater levels. In this scenario, private players of late have come up with innovations that makes the process easier, in urban spaces where land space is at a premium.
A city-based water harvesting company, Hava Water Harvesting Technology has come up with a new approach to tap into nature’s precious resource, utilising the technology to recharge dry bore wells. “The rapid growth of urbanisation in the Hyderabad district has seen the demand for water rise at an alarming rate, which is in the process drying up the bore wells and dug wells,” noted the Managing Director of the Company. The process for reclaiming water resources would be implemented in a twofold manner for increased effectiveness, added the official.
The two-pronged approach, noted spokespersons from the company, “would tap into terrace-run water along with road top surfaces with the aid of specially designed collectors.” The reservoir can be constructed using easily available materials and has reportedly been approved by the Ground Water Department. The new technology, using special channels and redesigned seepage holes in strategic location would be concealed within the landscape of the area without reducing livable area, while reducing the load on drain water on roads and better drainage from the area. “The Ground Water Department has recommended the new method of harvesting to the GHMC, the HMDA and the HMWSS for implementation in the public sector,” revealed company sources. With the new technology in place, land developers and house owners alike can pitch in their share of maintaining the environmental balance in the Twin Cities, at a price point that would be subject to discounts form the Government. At present, the company would be offering consultation and construction related aid, details for which may be availed at 92463-66867.  

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