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Harvest rain water or pay Rs 1000 fine

NAGPUR: Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) is all set to impose Rs 1,000 as fine on those who have failed to implement rainwater harvesting


project on their properties. Town planning department of Nagpur Municipal Corporation has sent a proposal in this regard to the principal secretary, urban development department, Mumbai.

If the department receives the nod, then rainwater harvesting would be compulsory for all new constructions having in an area of 150 sq metre or above, disclosed assistant director (town planning) Digambar Meher.

Interestingly, the urban development ministry had issued a GR making rain water harvesting compulsory for the construction of 300 sq metres or above. However, the NMC proposes to bring it down to 150 sq metre. This has been cleared by the general body of the corporation, said Meher. It was sent to principal secretary, urban development department on October 16, 2008, added Meher.

Expressing concern over lack of awareness among people, Meher said people cover open places around their homes with concrete or tiles to avoid slush. This reduces recharge of ground water, he claimed.

According to the proposal, the owner or society of every building should also ensure that the rainwater harvesting system was in place and was maintained so that rain water could be stored for non-potable purposes or recharges groundwater at all times.

Rain water harvesting in a building site includes storage or recharging into ground of rain water falling on the terrace or on any paved or unpaved surface within the building site, he explained. Once government approves the proposal, NMC would include the rainwater harvesting clause in its development control rules, Meher said.

Meanwhile, NMC has also successfully implemented rainwater harvesting system in its zonal office, claimed city engineer (NMC) S Gaikwad. “We have successfully implemented it at many major sites. We will be installing them at other buildings too,” he told TOI.

Rainwater harvesting has also helped stop flooding of its zonal offices at Mangalwari, Hanuman Nagar, and Lakadganj, he added. The water works department has also helped many private sites implement the project, claimed Gaikwad and adding these included public well in Navin Nagar, 20 housing societies in Vankatesh Nagar, Vathoda, 20 flat schemes in Bhende Layout in Laxmi Nagar, three public wells in Nehru Nagar zone, and Shitla Mata temple in Gopal Krishna Nagar.

With a view to conserve energy, Meher said the NMC had already announced 10% rebate in property tax on those installing solar water heater. It is compulsory for 1500 sq ft built-up area.

Hotels and hospitals have already installed solar heater and are started enjoying rebate in property tax, said Meher.
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