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Gujarat villagers face groundwater pollution

Boria-Kharad (Gujarat), June 20 - ANI: High chemical content in groundwater has become a serious health hazard for the villagers of Boria-Kharad in Gujarat.

For the past fifteen years, the of Boria-Kharad have been complaining of receiving red coloured water, indicating the presence of chemicals in the water.

The said that the problems of pollution started with the reverse bore well set up by the nearby factories decades ago. Though the factories are not in existence any more but the dumped waste has mixed with the , thus polluting it.

In all the 15-20 bore wells, red coloured water comes out and the content in the water is so high that forget humans even animals cant drink it. The usage of the water has also caused many skin problems among , said Mahendra Patel, a villager.

The allege that the usage of the water has hampered the growth of their children and their animals have become infertile.

Mahendra Patel further said that the officials of Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCP) have visited the village to take samples of ground water but so far nothing has been done to clean it.

Consequently, the problem is now forcing the to migrate to nearby villages. – ANI

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