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Families urged to harvest rain

Madraa (left) prepares to plant a tree at the water source in Bushenyi on Thursday
By Chris Ahimbisibwe

Men whose wives still carry water on their heads have been challenged to find a way of relieving their spouses from the burden.

The state minister for planning and economic development, Prof. Ephraim Kamuntu, said men whose wives and children continue to carry heavy loads should feel ashamed.

He advised families to turn to rain water harvesting. Kamuntu was on Thursday addressing residents of Kitagata sub-county during a tour of the National Water and Sewerage Corporation’s proposed water treatment plant in Kitagata in Bushenyi district.

The corporation is planning to spend over sh15b on the project, which is expected to be completed at the end of next year. Over 170,000 people in Igara county will get safe water and sewerage services when the project is finished, water officials said.

The corporation is also carrying out emergency works and rehabilitation of Nyaruzinga Water Treatment Works and Storage Reservoirs at sh3.1b.

When complete, water production is expected to increase from 500 cubic metres to 2,000 cubic metres per day. The board vice-chairperson, Dr. Elizabeth Madraa, said the corporation would fast-track the Nyaruzinga project.

Bushenyi is developing very fast, so water must also be urgently made available, she noted.

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