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Drilling editorial comes up short

The June 16 editorial "Truth in Drilling" failed to live up to its name. Yes, hydrofracturing is a drilling process that has been in use for decades, but the approach developed by Halliburton used in the Marcellus Shale in the Northeast is a novel high-pressure horizontal procedure utilizing from 2 million to 9 million gallons of water per "frack" and laced with chemicals whose identity is considered proprietary.
Oversight of this process is currently exempt from the federal Safe Drinking Water Act. There is no consensus on the long-term health effects of these unknown chemicals on the environment. In fact, your own paper has reported in recent weeks that hydrofracturing has been associated with earthquakes in Texas, and well explosions and water contamination in Pennsylvania.
Where would water to frack wells in Tompkins County come from and where would it go after being contaminated? The editorial stated that the drilling industry says hydrofracturing is safe and that the industry "closely monitors the process for environmental safety."
You mean the hen house is safe because the fox says it is? We urge interested citizens to learn the truth about this form of drilling. One good way to start is to Google "nywellwatch." Then join the growing ranks of those asking for controls on this potentially devastating drilling process in the Southern Tier and beyond.
Ken Zeserson
Judy Abrams
Town of Ulysses

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