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Kibaki adds teeth to law protecting water resources

Kibaki adds teeth to law protecting water resources
Dr Muusya Mwinzi, Nema’s Director-General 

Efforts to preserve the country’s water resources and avert a looming crisis received a boost on Thursday when President Kibaki assented to amendments in the Environmental Management and Co-ordination Act (EMCA) 1999.
The changes give sweeping powers to Environment minister and the National Environment Management Authority‘s (Nema) Director-General in the exercise of their mandate to protect the country’s rivers, lakes and wetlands.
“This new Act reverses an earlier amendment of the EMCA that limited our proactive role in protecting water resources. It now paves way for the implementation of the Wetlands Regulations gazette notice. issued by the Minister early this year,” said Dr Muusya Mwinzi, Nema’s Director-General.
Erratic weather
News of the presidential assent came just a day after Prime Minister Raila Odinga told parliament that the current food and water shortage being experienced in the country could degenerate into a crisis if the weather did not improve by October.
Signs abound that Kenya’s erratic weather pattern—blamed on global climate change and poor management of water resources—is taking its toll on the country’s water resources as the water levels of permanent rivers major lakes alike recede at alarming rates.
In Nairobi, the Ndakaini Dam, a reservoir that holds 80 per cent of the water supplied to Nairobi is currently at 38 per cent capacity.
Both industrial and domestic users are bracing for a prolonged period of water and power rationing while the government is staring at a ballooning food import bill.
“We are in a grave situation and urgent action needs to be taken towards digging more bore holes in the city as a short term measure to mitigate against the current water shortage,” says Mr Titus Ruhiu, the Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company chairman.
Impose restrictions
The ministry of water recently drafted a policy on water harvesting but its contents are yet to be debated publicly to pave way for future implementation.
Mrs Annabell Waititu, a coordinator with the Institute of Environment and Water, argues that the national water problems cannot be addressed effectively unless the State starts installing mega water harvesting projects in the country.
President Kibaki, however, appears to have taken a longer term view.
Under the amended EMCA law, the Environment minister may, by notice in the Gazette, declare a lake shore, wetland, coastal zone or river bank to be a protected area and impose restrictions to protect it from perceived environmental degradation.
And in what presents the much needed ammunition to Mr John Michuki in his campaign to reclaim the Mau water catchment from years of degradation, the amended law also empowers the minister to issue orders, regulations, or standards for the management of river banks, lake shores, wetlands or coastal zones.
Mau is a catchment for several rivers in the country but government’s rehabilitation effort has been slowed down by calls for compensation.

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