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Ceramco - Diamond Core Drill Bits

Ceramco’s AUSBIT series of drill bits are constantly being tested and improved, in order to stay at the forefront of the drilling market.

Ceramco has been manufacturing diamond core drill bits in Australia for over 25 years. Based in Perth, Western Australia, we produce the AUSBIT and Diamindrill range of diamond drill bits and cessories, specifically designed for the mining exploration and diamond core drilling industry. This range of products includes:

  • Impregnated diamond core drill bits
  • Surface set diamond drill bits
  • Reamer shells
  • Casing shoes
  • Wedging tools 

Diamond drill bits

Ceramco’s range of AUSBIT and Diamindrill products includes surface set and impregnated diamond core drill bits, reamer shells, and more.
Ceramco produce the proven AUSBIT diamond drill bits using technology gained from over 30 years of experience, and continue to develop the sales of this product range into new markets around the world.
AUSBIT technology is continually subjected to design and performance checks to obtain sustained excellence in the field of diamond core drill bits.
Improvements in production methods, core production materials and production technology are constantly assessed. Where improvements are found, these new technologies and methods are incorporated after rigorous testing.
In this way, the impregnated and surface set in the AUSBIT range are always at the cutting edge of world diamond drill bits.

Soft, medium and hard drill bits

Ceramco’s range of impregnated diamond bits are becoming ever more efficient and economical, thanks to technological advances in the market and better understanding of down-the-hole behaviour.
Designed to cover all ground conditions, the Diamindrill range consists of three broad spectrum drill bits, which are coded soft, medium and hard.
Diamindrill bits are broad spectrum and classified for soft (equivalent to series 1-5), medium (equivalent to series 6-9) and hard (equivalent to series 10 - 12) formations, with each Diamindrill bit classification comfortably able to meet the demands of abrasive and broken conditions within their respective category series range.
The advantage of using the Ceramco Diamindrill range is that the driller no longer needs to identify changes in formations as closely as with conventional bits, or to change bits as often to meet changing formations.

Impregnated drill bits

Advances in diamond tool technology coupled with better understanding of down-the-hole behaviour have lead to the emergence of ever more efficient and economical impregnated core bits.
The objective of an impregnated core bit is to provide a bit where the bit matrix erodes at a rate whereby active diamonds become worn and blunt. These diamonds will then be discarded, enabling new fresh diamonds to be exposed to the substance being drilled.
Ceramco has introduced new and improved impregnated core bit matrices as a result of market requirements and advances in technology. While we can provide custom impregnated bits tailored to individual requirements, a complete range of industry standard AUSBIT and Diamindrill  impregnated core bits is available ex-stock in series 1-14.

Surface set drill bit

Surface set diamond core drill bits are available in an endless variety, combining diverse specifications such as diamond size (stones per carat - SPC), diamond quality, diamond exposure, matrix hardness, crown design, fluid passages and numerous designs to suit core barrels manufactured to many standards. The right combination must be chosen to achieve fast drilling and low drilling cost.
Surface set diamond core drill bits are chosen according to the following design variables:

  • Diamond size is governed by the rock type; usually the hardest rocks require the smallest diamonds and the softest rocks require the larger diamonds
  • Diamond quality is determined by rock formations; the hardest rocks require the best quality diamonds, with less hard rocks requiring less expensive diamonds
  • Diamond exposure is relative to diamond size; the AUSBIT series and Diamindrill series of bits have proven standard exposure for all diamond sizes
  • Matrix hardness must be suitable for the rock formations to be drilled; matrices range from standard to very hard
  • Crown design is governed by rock formations – bits with narrow "faces" and many steps are preferred for competent, hard formations; wider "face" bits with less steps or semi-round crown designs are more suitable for soft and/or abrasive formations
  • Fluid passages are determined by the friability of the core, the bit design, the capacity of the pump and the diameter of the drill bit

Clients are able to specify all of the above design variables or if preferred, Ceramco can recommend the most suitable drill bit for their particular application.
Ceramco is proudly Australian-owned and operated with all of the design and manufacturing of Ceramco products made using 100% Australian content. We provide our products to markets in both the local and international drilling industry.
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