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Atlas Copco launches ROC T35M - a robust surface drill rig

The new ROC T35M combines the straightforward design concept of Atlas Copco’s former CM line with the well-tested features of the ROC family, in a new modular design developed for the next generation of Atlas Copco's surface crawler drill rigs. All with focus on productivity, cost-efficiency and hole quality for our customers.
Atlas Copco launches ROC T35M

ROC T35M is a fuel efficient drill rig equipped with a highly productive rock drill. The well-proven COP 1840 rock drill with 18kW drilling power provides high penetration rate. It gives more drilling power for less input energy, resulting in less fuel consumption. The hydraulic based control system COP Logic adjusts the feed speed, feed pressure and impact pressure in realtime according to the rock condition.
Bo-Göran Johansson, Vice President, Marketing, at Atlas Copco SDE adds: “Every contractor dreams of higher penetration rates, straighter holes and better accessory life. The ROC T35M drill rig employs a cylinder-driven aluminum feed system that fulfills this dream by providing optimal penetration rates and drill steel life. Its rod handling system, with a streamlined number of parts, ensures easy adjustment and maintenance. The well proven aluminum feed profile is sturdy and highly resistant to bending.
ROC T35M is built of modules and parts common to Atlas Copco Surface crawler portfolio. This makes training easy and parts stocking requirement reduced for contractors with different Atlas Copco rig models. Maintenance is simplified thanks to all around access to service points and good hose management with bulk heads. Maintenance-friendly design together with ROC Care and COP Care service agreements mean less breakdowns, increased availability and reduced service costs.

For further information please contact:
Bo-Göran Johansson, VP Marketing, Surface Drilling Equipment Phone: +46 (0)19 670 7259 - Mobile: +46 (0)70 321 21 11
Katsuyuki Yamada, Product Manager
Surface Drilling Equipment, Atlas Copco KK
Phone: +81(0)45 933 6458 - mobile: +81(0)80 6602 7243
Sandra Lagerqvist, Communications Professional
phone: +46 (0)19 503 1240 - Mobile: +46 (0)73 337 8028

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