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Gates EuroGrip® Flexible Couplings and Decoupler Pulleys Enhance Engine Efficiency Innovative New Couplings Reduce Noise, Vibration and Harshness; Maximize Torque Capability for Improved Vehicle Performance

Gates EuroGrip

, CO – Gates Corporation today announced the introduction of a new coupling technology, called EuroGrip®, to the Automotive Aftermarket. Gates originally designed, engineered and produced this new technology for European OEMs as a power transmission product to drive accessories in compact engine compartments.

Using Gates proven synchronous belt technology, the EuroGrip® Flexible Coupling is designed to transmit torque to drive engine accessories, such as the alternator, power steering pump or air conditioning compressor, and to damp vibrations between two connected shafts. With engine technology trends increasingly shaped by fuel economy, emission controls and package reductions, Gates EuroGrip® coupling offers a light weight, compact design with outstanding NVH characteristics (Noise, Vibration and Harshness).

“This technology is already in use on over a million vehicles in Europe,” said Tom Trojan, Marketing Manager, Gates Automotive Aftermarket. “As with many engine parts, drive system components are considered wear items and should be inspected beginning at 30,000 miles. When the Decoupler Pulley is worn, the load on the drive system will increase, causing noise and vibration and reducing the life span of the associated drive components. By replacing these parts together when wear is detected, added repair costs can be avoided.”
Gates is currently the only manufacturer in the Aftermarket offering the EuroGrip® coupling. Current application coverage is for Volkswagen and Volvo, but the company expects usage to increase in the U.S. as many of the same engines utilizing the EuroGrip® coupling in Europe are also used in North America. These high-quality OE Exact replacement parts guarantee a perfect fit every time.

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