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Britax Automotive Equipment - Automotive Aftermarket and Emergency Equipment for the Mining Industry



Established in 2002, Britax Automotive Equipment – part of the Public Safety Equipment (PSE) Group – is an importer and distributor of internationally recognised brand names of automotive aftermarket and emergency equipment.

Britax provides automotive aftermarket and emergency equipment that is synonymous with quality and value for money. Brands in the Australian division include Britax beacons, Cole Hersee switches, GE / Tungsram bulbs and Xray Vision lightware.

Automotive aftermarket equipment for the mining industry

Britax's automotive aftermarket sector specialises in warning lighting, general lighting, HID and LED lighting, globes, switches and control devices, connectors, and a wide range of automotive mirrors. We cater for mining, agricultural, earthmoving, industrial, transport and 4WD applications, with specialised electrical products for these various markets.

When it comes to a quality automotive lighting and electrical solution, Britax is your first choice for range and value.

Automotive lighting, mirrors, switches and electronics

The Britax brand has represented quality and value for over 50 years. Our extensive range of equipment includes rotating and static flashing warning beacons and light bars, auxiliary and mandatory vehicle lighting, mirrors, switches, electronics and electrical control equipment.

Emergency lighting and sound-warning products

Britax's emergency services division is a specialist in high-performance emergency light and sound-warning products, including light bars, a wide variety of LED light warning systems, sirens / speakers, DEW – ICV digital video systems, radar and laser speed devices (including the popular Silver and Golden Eagle), Falcon and Talon series, Prolaser III, LaserCam and the latest laser witness units.

Beacons for the mining industry

Britax offers a range of beacons featuring polycarbonate lenses, a variety of mounting options, a belt drive for quiet operation, and dual-voltage capabilities. Polycarbonate plastic provides high-quality, lightweight and impact-resistant lenses that increase the durability of Britax beacons.

Light and sound warning products for the mining industry

Britax offers the well-known Code 3® 360 series of light bars, as well as the MX7000 and Excalibur series. Code 3, established in 1974, engineers, manufactures and markets a complete line of lighting and sound-based warning products used by professionals in emergency response, utility, service fleet and industrial settings.
We also offer FRC's state-of-the-art equipment specifically designed for the fire, rescue and emergency services. Its range of lighting solutions transfers maximum illumination in a multitude of styles and mounting configurations.

Radar and laser speed devices

Britax offers Kustom's range of radar, laser and video speed-monitoring trailers, which has met the traffic safety equipment needs of law enforcement for more than 35 years.

Vehicle warning and management systems

Britax is pleased to offer products from Premier Hazard, one of the world's leading producers and suppliers of vehicle warning, hazard and sound systems, vehicle management systems and vehicle switching to the emergency and rescue, municipal, construction and recovery services in more than 100 countries worldwide.
We additionally offer products from D&R Electronics, an established leader in emergency vehicle sound and lighting equipment. This includes product solutions for in-car mounting, cargo storage, vehicle power management systems, utility and roadside.

About PSE Group

The PSE Group has been one of the most innovative and successful manufacturing and marketing companies in the world for automotive emergency lighting for over 50 years. The PSE Group globally has five manufacturing operations with Code 3, Kustom Signal and Lasercraft in the US, and Britax PMG and Premier Hazard in the UK.
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