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Boart Longyear Launches 4 Groundbreaking Drilling Products

“As a result of our significant investment in research and development, we are well-positioned as the innovation leader in the mineral drilling industry.”

Boart Longyear Limited (ASX: BLY) today announces the release of four new products during the first half of 2010. Products released include next-generation surface-set bits, a new portable drill rig, upgraded and expanded diamond coring bits and a new rotary drill head. These new industry-leading products feature unique technology advances for drilling contractors in both the mining and construction industries.

"Boart Longyear has continued its commitment to innovation and increased productivity by utilizing groundbreaking technology," said Kevin Tomaszewski, director of Product Management at Boart Longyear. "As a result of our significant investment in research and development, we are well-positioned as the innovation leader in the mineral drilling industry."

The new Surface Set XP™ drill bit features patented technology that redefines the surface-set category, while also setting a new benchmark for productivity in soft and sedimentary applications.

Boart Longyear also introduced the SC11 rig, a new surface coring rig that is best-in-class in both power and large-diameter drilling. The rig is compact and modular; designed to be easily disassembled and transported via helicopter to even the most remote locations. On-site, the rig features easy-to-use guides for quick assembly. The SC11’s rod handler utilizes proven LM rod-handling technology and features proximity sensors to protect the operator by preventing rod drops when operators are nearby.

In addition, Boart Longyear extended its diamond coring bit offering with key engineering improvements to its Stage® bits. These include innovations to the bit window and face design, significantly increasing bit strength and allowing for increased crown height. Both of these improvements extend the life of the bits. Stage bits are ideal for use at any target depth and ground condition, with new models featuring both 16 millimeter and 25 millimeter crown heights.

The new XRH rotary drilling heads are ideal for all multipurpose rotary drilling applications. They feature a new patent-pending electronic valve control technology. With an advanced modular design, they easily integrate into a wide range of rigs on the market, making the technology accessible to virtually any contractor. The heads are ideal for many drilling methods, including auger, down-hole hammer, reverse circulation, jet grouting, overburden, rotary and drive drilling.

About Boart Longyear
Boart Longyear is a 120-year-old global mineral exploration company headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, and listed on the ASX (Australian Securities Exchange) in Australia. Regional offices and operations are located in Asia Pacific, North and South America, Europe and Africa. Boart Longyear is the leading provider of mineral exploration services and drilling products for the global mining industry and also has a substantial drilling presence for water exploration, environmental sampling, energy, and oil sands exploration.

With 2009 sales of US$978 million and over 8,000 employees worldwide, Boart Longyear conducts contract drilling services in more than 40 countries, and provides mining products to customers in over 100 countries.

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