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Omme will launch 37 m bi-energy spider at Bauma

37 m bi-energy

The new Omme Lift type 3700 RBDJ is a 37 m working height, compact, telescopic platform with 13.7 m outreach, , mounted on a fast moving crawler chassis. Maximum basket capacity is 250 kg and the moveable jib and +/- 900 basket rotation add flexibility.
The diesel and battery bi-energy power pack makes the lift suitable for outdoor and indoor applications. For outdoor operation the diesel engine may be preferred. When working indoors the electronic motors powered by 8 high-capacity batteries can be used.
The 3700 RBDJ is designed to traverse soft, muddy or hilly terrain but the crawler chassis also disperses the machine's weight when travelling on delicate surfaces such as pavements, lawns and marble.
The machine can work on 40% gradients and compact dimensions allow access into tight areas. Travelling height is 1.98 m and the length is 7.78 m with a detachable basket to make it possible to reduce the length even further. The 1.5 m width can be retracted hydraulically to 1.1 m.
The official launch will be at the Bauma exhibition in Munich in April, although, the company says that orders have already been received from Germany, China and Hong Kong.

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