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Premier at the 2010 ‘Bauma’: Innovative Liebherr LH 120 C material handler

Liebherr LH 120 C

Specially developed for bulk material handling, the Liebherr LH 120 C makes its public debut at the 2010 ‘Bauma'. Within Liebherr's extensive range of material handling machines, this is the first purpose-designed model in its class.
In response to the steadily increasing worldwide importance of bulk material handling, Liebherr has adopted a new approach with the LH 120 C. This new large machine, weighing approximately 135 metric tons and based on an innovative concept, is the outcome of a development process that takes modern material handling requirements into account. The model series to which it belongs has therefore been given a new name: "Liebherr Handler".
A versatile machine with high handling power that can transfer bulk material cost-effectively from one point to another, the LH 120 C is an interesting alternative to the dockside crane systems with poorer mobility that are still in frequent use.
The modular-element principle adopted for both the basic machine and its working equipment provides solutions for a very wide range of operating requirements. For seaport applications, the LH 120 C is obtainable in a high-rise version; for canals and inland waterways the standard version without raised tower will normally prove entirely satisfactory. The outstanding flexibility of the machine helps to achieve high handling rates together with low costs per ton of material handled.
Various undercarriage configurations and cab heights make this Liebherr Handler ideal for loading and discharging from a wide variety of ships, from barges to the Handy size class. The maximum working radius is 25.5 metres.
Liebherr components and assemblies designed and manufactured in-house, including the LH 120 C's multi-circuit hydraulics and the Liebherr diesel engine, are precisely suited to the machine's needs; they ensure extended working life and a high level of economy. As well as reduced engine speeds, hydraulic hoses and components of generous cross-section help to keep fuel consumption to a minimum.
Powerful driveline, innovative control system
Liebherr diesel engine

The LH 120 C handler is powered by a 400 kW (543 hp) Liebherr diesel engine. The crawler undercarriage, which is of approximately equal length and width, guarantees high stability for this machine, which weighs 135 metric tons.
Like the current Liebherr crawler excavator model family, the LH 120 C has efficient, high-performance Positive Control multi-circuit hydraulics for optimal reliability and rapid load movement cycles. Since working movements can be performed individually or cumulatively, efficient use is made of the energy input; this is confirmed by the machine's reduced fuel consumption.
Two separate temperature-controlled cooling fans maintain the hydraulic fluid, air, water and fuel temperatures at the optimal levels. Also separate, the radiator circuit too is temperature-controlled for maximum efficiency.
The new "zero-pressure lowering" function increases the machine's operating efficiency still further. Fuel is saved because no pressure increase is needed on the ring side of the dipper stick ram. The power saved in this way can be used to boost lifting performance and lifting speed, equivalent to a reduction of approximately 10 % in operating cycle times. The "zero-pressure lowering" function also enhances safety, since the dipper stick is automatically braked as it is retracted.
The LH 120 C's innovative electronics permit modular joystick programming to suit each operator's requirements. The machine is also equipped for the new LIDAT teleservice standard, which permits the operating company to collect, evaluate and transmit machine-relevant data.
Functional machine design and well-planned ergonomics
Close attention was paid during development work to giving the machine a function-optimised form that also interprets clearly defined brand design features. As a result, the LH 120 C sets a new standard in task-oriented design for large handling equipment, and thanks to the individuality of its brand attributes can be clearly distinguished from its competitors.
Ergonomics also received special attention when developing the LH 120 C. All parts of the machine can be reached easily and safely by the steps provided, and the entirely new cab sets new standards in size and operating convenience. It has a generous glazed area for the best possible view of the actual work zone and the area all round the machine. The cab is so spacious that it can easily accommodate two people if necessary.
All the controls are conveniently located within the operator's direct action radius. A new touch screen using an intuitive control principle provides rapid access to all relevant operating data. Another feature is that the pedals have been kept clear of the driver's field of view.
Among the notable features contributing to Liebherr's high safety standard are the strongly built, convenient access platforms and ladders. The cubic basic body panel outlines make the engine compartment easy to reach and enter in safety, and provide a roof under which maintenance work can be carried out even in poor weather. Large flaps with an electro-hydraulic opening mechanism make servicing work even easier on the LH 120 C.
Servicing points for the central lubricating system, hydraulic fluid level, engine oil etc. are neatly laid out and easy to reach. The fuel tank on the right is exceptionally large, so that lengthy work sessions can be undertaken before refuelling. The fuel tank has its own integral steps for easy access without any unnecessary increase in the width of the superstructure.

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