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Diamond Core Drilling Methods and Safety Measures

Diamond core drilling is the work of experienced professionals. Those who are involved in diamond core drilling operation are given proper guidance and training before they undertake some live operation. It is the task of skill and strength for the experienced workers in Diamond Core Drilling firms. There are many  core drilling companies that are properly licensed for using employees in this risky project. Often, it is noted that there are serious accidents in the work area of diamond core drilling site and also in concrete cutting operations. To avoid all this, Safety management plan is implemented to minimize the chance of any kind of mishaps.
In a standard diamond core drilling company, employees are provided rigorous training so that they can get the idea of the work in actual sense. Also, it is essential for the diamond core drilling company to provide health and safety insurance to its employees. This is done so that the employees feel it safe and comfortable to work in this kind of environment. It is the prime responsibility of the company management to take care of all its employees and ensure their health and happiness.
Some of the important points that are required to follow are given below:

  • We provide all our employees a safety manual and it is mandatory for each and every employee to go through it in order to have a detailed idea about all types of core drilling equipments.
  • Drilling operators are strictly suggested to wear protective equipments as recommended by local, state or federal standards.
  • The diamond core drilling machine operators should wear safety equipments like safety goggles, safety footwear, snug fitting clothes, hearing protection, head protection, and proper respiratory equipment. Employees who are working as diamond and concrete cutting operations should not wear loose-fitting clothes and jewelry while operating.
Employees should check the functionality of the drilling equipments and the electrical devices that are required for diamond core drilling and concrete cutting. Hydraulic drills and their functionality should be checked before operating for core drilling. In case of any type of disturbances, particularly in the electrical devices, they should be switched off and plug connection should be broken immediately. Also, it is suggested not to try in repairing the equipment unless the employee has a thorough knowledge over it.

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