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‘Conserving water is everyone’s responsibility’

BANGALORE: High Court Judge Justice Gopala Gowda on Monday said that every citizen had a role to play in conserving our scarce water resources and ensuring their sustainable availability.
After inaugurating the ‘World Water Day’ celebrations organised by BWSSB , Justice Gopala Gowda said that the rivers, which were once the source of prosperity, were now heavily polluted.
The degradation of water quality in the surface and ground water systems has not only made the potable water scarce but also has spoiled the ecology.
Though we have the necessary scientific knowledge to make provisions for clean water, we are unable to do it due to financial constraints, he said. “We are yet to provide safe drinking water and sanitation to millions of people living in the v i l - lages and towns of the state.
We should realise this and do our bit in conserving the clean water,” the judge said.
The industrial waste and bio-waste that are being discharged into the drains and the sewage have not only contaminated the water in the lakes around the city but also the ground water.
“Solution lies in what are called as ‘source control’ methods. We should not discharge waste water untreated into our system. The soak pits and septic tanks should be designed so that the water sources are not contaminated.
Adequate measures should be taken to ensure that garbage is disposed properly in lined land-fills that do not leak and pollute water in any way,” he said.
BWSSB chairman PB Ramamurthy said that our immediate goal should be to stop the discharge of sewage and other wastes that contaminate water into the stormwater drains.
“The bulk flow meters that were installed recently will help us trace water pilferage and leakage immediately. We have already started creating awareness about the recycling of used water at the sewage treatment plant at Cubbon Park as that is the need of the hour,” Ramamurthy said.

Urban development secretary Shambu Dayal Meena, BDA commissioner Siddaiah, senior journalist Radhakrishna Bhadti and others were present.

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