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D7E with Electric Drive Now Expands Reliable, Low-Cost Operation to Waste-Handling Applications

Waste-Handling Applications

Since its introduction, the Cat® D7E Track-Type Tractor, equipped with a revolutionary diesel-electric power train, has proved its ability to deliver reliable, low-cost production in a range of applications. The D7E uses 10 to 30 percent less fuel and, on average, moves 10 percent more material per hour than its industry-leading predecessor, the Cat D7R. The new D7E Waste Handler blends the superior efficiency of the D7E with features that allow it to take on harsh landfill applications with best-in-class performance, durability and economy.

The Electric Drive power train is especially well suited to waste-handling operations, applying engine horsepower to the tracks in a smooth, steady manner that yields exceptional traction and lugging ability in poor underfoot conditions. The D7E Waste Handler also delivers outstanding maneuverability—essential in waste applications—by employing a Caterpillar designed differential steering system driven by a D8-size steering pump. The new drive train allows gradual full-power turns, locked-track pivot turns and counter-rotation.

Overall, the D7E Waste Handler's fuel economy and productivity allow it to achieve a fuel-efficiency rating (material moved per gallon/liter of fuel) that typically is 25 percent higher than machines in the same size class with conventional drive trains. Excellent fuel economy, reduced fluids and fewer mechanical components mean the new machine consumes fewer resources, while doing more work than a conventionally designed machine.

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