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Burgess Well Company, Inc.

Contact:  Jeannette Nicholl
Burgess Expands Distribution of its Fiberglass Pump Column Pipe
Proven, superior performance in municipal and irrigation wells

Minden, Nebraska - - March 24th, 2010 - -  Burgess Well Company, Inc. is expanding distribution of its Fiberglass Pump Column Pipe product across the United States, Canada and Mexico. For 10 years, Burgess Column Pipe has provided superior performance in municipal, industrial and irrigation water wells due to its heat, torque and corrosion resistance. Burgess Fiberglass is inert (non-reactive), does not give off a residue, will not conduct electricity and is much less expensive than stainless steel. 
To-date, Burgess Column Pipe has been installed extensively in the southeastern portion of the United States.  Diversified Drilling Corporation specializes in ASR and RO municipal water wells and uses Burgess products, including Burgess Column Pipe, in wells throughout Florida. Bill Musselwhite, of Diversified Drilling, explains, “We use Burgess Fiberglass Pipe because PVC pipe can’t take the start-up torque created by high horsepower pumps and it collapses when exposed to heat. Also, with Burgess Fiberglass, we don’t have the residue problems we’ve experienced with mild steel and the cost is significantly less than stainless steel.”
Burgess Column Pipe is filament wound flanged fiberglass reinforced plastic, and is available in 4” to 12” sizes. This Column Pipe resists corrosion, encrustation, and has a higher ratio of strength-to-weight than carbon or stainless steel. Its low friction coefficient delivers substantial energy savings when compared to steel. Burgess Fiberglass Pipe has a very high dielectric constant and will not carry an electrical current; important for mitigating the effects of lightening strikes and electrolytic corrosion. It carries NSF/ANSI Standard 61 certification.
Burgess Column Pipe is extremely durable. Jack Lammers, President of Burgess Well Company explains, “Fiberglass pipe systems are resistant to corrosion, both inside and out. We’ve seen mild and stainless steel pump column pipe replaced over and over due to corrosion. In contrast, Burgess Fiberglass Column Pipe provides an excellent cost-to-performance ratio.”
Burgess Well Company, Inc.
Burgess Well Company, Inc., founded in 1953, has a Drilling Division and a Manufacturing Division. Burgess extensively field tests its products. Tooling capabilities allow custom manufacturing of pipe. The Burgess focus on quality, service and custom solutions make it a leader in the industry.

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