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BOMAG finishers: Yet more developments - new models, new features

BOMAG continues to expand its range of finishers. Now the BF 300 series is set to appear in wheel-driven versions at bauma 2010. This range is the most flexible on the market, with its unbeatable transport
width of 2.50 m including attached extensions and side plates. BF 600 finishers also score with quick-change screed extension systems
and front windshields with side guards.
The stable, easily adaptable operator's station creates ultimate driver comfort.
BF 300, BF 600 and BF 691 benefit from new screed operator stations.

BOMAG finishers

The BF 300 is available in three wheel-drive versions.
In addition to the BF 300 C chain drive model shown at Intermat, BOMAG is now introducing three BF 300 P wheel-driven models in the BF 600 design: cost-effective 2x6 rear-wheel drive ; a 4x6 model with additional front-wheel drive on one axle, creating high traction force for work on lose subsurfaces,
and a 6x6 all-wheel drive for the most difficult terrain or for use on extreme gradients.
Different subbases are easy to handle. To prevent drive wheel spin on chippings, for example, contact pressure through the rear wheels can be increased at the press of a button. On the wheel-drive model with front drive, the traction force on the front wheels can be adjusted to suit the subbase, making everyday operations far easier.

Innovative screed and transportation features
The new design for the basic screed board is a first in this class. Since Intermat, the range features standard widths of 1.70 to 3.40 m and is extendable from 30 cm to 4 m with two side plates. The basic screed board can be hydraulically extended up to 100 percent - a major bonus for easy operations and fast paving. And, as the only screed board on the market with a 2.50 m transport width (including mounted extensions and side plates) these pavers can be transported from site to site cheaply and easily .
The electric screed has moulded heating elements for better heat distribution and prevention of corrosion to the heating rods. Heat-up time is just 20 – 30 minutes. The new gas heating system on the S340 has even faster heat-up times - 10 to 15 minutes even with a stationary engine!

Rapid screed extension, now on the BF 600 finisher
The high compaction HS screed on the BF 600 finisher can now be mechanically extended from 5 m to a maximum built-in width of 8 m. To keep conversion times and costs low, the extensions are equipped with a quick-change system. This includes tool-free engaging and disengaging of the tamper/vibration axles and simplified attachment of the extension boxes. The whole design is highly robust for years of tough on-site use.

The BF 600 also features an optional front windshield. This effective rain protection quickly is invaluable for work in wet climates where cold and windy days are frequent. BF 600 series models can be factory-fitted (and retrofitted) with front windshield plus right-hand/left-hand side guards. With the unique SideView System, i.e. a driver's station that can be extended on both sides, the roof automatically protects the driver in any seating position. Two windscreen wipers make sure that vision remains clear.

New features for SideView driver's station
The driver's station can be extended on both sides and now has new features. Together with the BOMAG BW 154 and BW 174 tandem rollers, the BF 600 series now shares the same stable, easy-to-adjust platform. The seat position is adjusted using two robust and sensitive platform grids. The new interlocking system means the seat cannot be knocked out of place. Interlocking movement, common on conventional finishers during hard usage, is prevented. This increases driver comfort. At the same time, the grid provides over 15 different seating positions giving perfect visibility over the work area.

New screed operator stations
The screed operator stations have also been redesigned and standardised on the BF 300, BF 600 and BF 691 model series. Easy handling (even wearing gloves) remains the same, with robust, mechanical toggle switches (all quick and economical to replace) and remote control unit for the material flow sensors via a potentiometer. In addition, the new driver's station pivots to the sides and adjusts to different situations on-site. A grab handle makes it easy to mount the screed. A lockable cover is useful for storage, e.g. for gloves and yardstick.

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