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Atlas Copco provides stronger, faster exploration

Atlas Copco launches the new Excore diamond bit, offering faster core drilling and significantly longer service life. The Excore bit line is the result of Atlas Copco’s unique combination of global experience, scientific research, and the latest advancements in diamond drilling.

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Atlas Copco is renowned as a leader in exploration drilling. With extensive experience of what is really required in the field, and unique expertise in metallurgy, the company has brought an international team of engineers and metallurgists together to produce its best diamond bit yet.
The new Excore diamond bit line has been thoroughly tested over the past two years on four continents, under varied conditions, and with different customers. Results unanimously show a significant improvement in performance and bit life.
"We believe this to be a big leap forward for exploration drillers," said Daniel Misiano, Marketing Manager Exploration Products at Atlas Copco. "The Excore line will not only make drilling more productive, but the selection and handling of diamond bits will be much more efficient as well."
With optimized crown designs and new matrices, the new Excore bit achieves greater penetration rates and delivers an extended service life. As a result, contractors using Excore bits can drill both faster and deeper, and spend less time changing diamond bits.
The metallurgy and design of the Excore bits has also been developed to cover a wider range of applications compared to its predecessors. With a broader operating span for each diamond bit, bit selection is simplified. This means drillers can reduce the number of diamond drill bits usually required to tackle different rock conditions in their operation, without losing performance. This improves both productivity and cash flow at the same time.
 For further information please contact:

  • Daniel Misiano, Marketing Manager Exploration
    Atlas Copco Geotechnical Drilling and Exploration
    Phone: + 46 73 275 86 45
  • Mathias Lewén, Vice President Communications
    Atlas Copco Geotechnical Drilling and Exploration
    Phone: +46 70 240 80 06

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