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Sai Deepa showcases Rock Drilling Tools for the Drilling Industry at RIG EXPO 2017


SaiDeepa is a leading global provider of rock drilling tools and for construction, mining, water well and Oil & Gas segments. SaiDeepa develops world-class products using efficient raw materials and cutting edge manufacturing technology. Combining a unique and flexible delivery model with customer satisfaction, we cater to any crucial and trivial requirements of our clients.

SaiDeepa has world-class, state-of-the-art infrastructure that provides a wide range of drilling products at highly competitive terms making it the leading rock drilling tools manufacturer in India. Our strength lies in our employees who follow the core company principles of customer service, team play and mutual respect. With their help, SaiDeepa has continued to raise the bar in making state-of-the-art and technologically advanced rock drilling tools. We are committed to consistently develop, manufacture and distribute, top quality rock drilling tools which result into lower cost per meter drilled.


State of the art facility


Our manufacture facilities bring together high-tech machinery, advanced manufacturing techniques and highly skilled people to produce some of the most advanced rock drilling tools to meet the growing needs of the Indian and international customers , Currently our manufacturing facility has 150,000 Sq feet of covered area and in the new expansion phase. The facility is equipped with all the modern technologies such as Closed / Open die Forging plants, Cutting machines, CNC milling, turning , drilling centres ,High end seal quench heat treatment, Shot Blasting Painting and packing facility to produce world-class rock drilling tools. Quality consciousness is paramount in every procedure that is implemented throughout the manufacturing unit, without compromising the final product quality or customer experience.

Our Team


Our employees are our most valuable asset. We strive to create a work environment of professionalism, trust and respect that will continuously provide our staff with motivation, challenge, and professional growth.

In the last few years Saideepa has witnessed rapid growth, both at home and in the international markets,this is mainly due to our employees. However, the economic situation in India and overseas is changing rapidly. Saideepa is no exception and like many others we are facing challenges and constantly reciprocating to the fluctuating market situation.

Despite the on-going market situation, we believe that our efforts to meet tough challenges we have faced, are finally bearing fruit. The changes in the world have prompted us to analyze our core strengths, and have caused us to review carefully of how we can leverage these strengths to make a positive difference to our stakeholders.

Our core values are -
Customer Success
Team Play
Mutual Respect
Our company was founded in the year 2001 to supply quality rock drilling tools at economical prices and to create good value for our customers in every market where we do business. Exports started in the year 2004 and our products found a place of credibility in the international market.

Safety is prime importance to us and hence we are committed to the safety of employees and customers. The company has implemented key safety programs and activities, including systems and policies.

We are committed to constantly provide products and services that impress and inspire our customers and to become a company that is truly indispensable with its stakeholders – customers, shareholders and employees.

The years ahead are certainly going to be exciting ones for Saideepa. We are looking forward to your support as we move forward.

Manufacturing Process
We have total control over the process of our products, from the raw material stage to the finished goods stage. This is possible because of intricate knowledge of raw material selection, in-house steel Forging expertise, Hitec CNC machining centers, Seal quench Heat treatment facilities and modern metallurgical laboratory.

We are committed to complete safety of our employees and customers. The company has implemented key safety programs and activities, including systems and policies such as
Training for all employees
Special training for emergency response teams

DTH Hammers and Button Bits
Saideepa is a leader in design, manufacture, servicing and repair of Down-the-Hole (DTH) percussive rock drilling products. We offer market's most comprehensive range of DTH hammers and button bits. DTH product solutions are for water well, mining and as well as for contractors in construction. Our DTH products include:
# Down the Hole hammers
( 2-10 inches Diameter)
# Down the Hole Button bits
(2- 20 inches)
# Down the Hole over burden drilling systems
(4 3/4 – 12 inches)
# Frictional Welded and Induction hardened Drill Pipes and Adaptors All thread types, male and female [API 2 3/8, 2 7/8, 3 1/2 and order specific] Excellent wear resistance and longer life
Features & Benefits –
# Time tested and proved
# Low on fuel High on penetration
# Designed for maximum performance in low pressure operations
# Rugged and Reliable

Top Hammer
Top hammer rock drilling tools have been specially designed for hard to very hard and abrasive rock formations covering all construction, quarrying and mining drill and blast applications. Tunneling is one of the most important customer segments and applications such as drifting and roof bolt hole drilling are well catered for. Our bits have shown increase in penetration rate and also a substantially longer service life up to 20%.

Our top hammer products include Drifter bits, Retract bits, Taper bits, Taper rods, Extension and Drifter rods, Shank Adapters, Coupling sleeves. The products are highly appreciated for the precision engineering design, durability, reliability and dimensional accuracy. They are manufactured in different face design with the standard threads.

Forging Solution
For over a decade, Saideepa Forgings business is focused on to domestic and export sales of high grade special steel forging products and a variety of complementary materials. Highest attention is being paid to service and technical support, which constitutes an integral part of our activities.

We provide expertise and product solutions for a wide range of applications, from Rock drilling tools, mechanical and industrial to mining, construction, oil & gas, power, automobile and defense segments.
The company's product line, engineering design, metal working, Heat treatment and machine centers supply fully ready to use machined forgings to required dimensions.

# Rock Drilling Tools
# Hydraulic cylinder parts.
# Hydraulic breaker parts
# Crusher parts
# Under carriage parts
# Ball and Socket end fittings for Ht lines
# Turbine Blade
# Crank Shafts
Contact Details -
Plot no 106, Phase II,
IDA Cherlapally,
Hyderabad – 500051.
Andhra Pradesh, India.

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