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KRD Core Drilling Rig

KRD Tractor Mounted Rig

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KRD Drill Rods

Welcome To KRD Industries

KRD Industries is a leading manufacturing and trading industry offering water well drilling, mining and construction equipment and accessories like bits, hammers, drill rods and other spares. Depending on your requirement we can provide a custom build machine with the desired diameter and depth .We are located in India and have an overseas office in Australia.

We are engaged in the manufacturing and trading of drilling products from the past three decades. We have a skilled technical team of over 200 members. We are also trying our best to deliver the required items in Destinations around the globe at our earliest and the cheapest possible prices. We will make every effort to offer you the best possible service and collaboration, together with all the personalized attention that you deserve.

We have a skilled technical team of over 200 members to cater to the needs of our customers.
We can send our qualified engineer to the site in case of any breakdown in any corner of the world