Core Drill Rig DCC - 1200

Core_Drill_Rig DCC 1200 hydraulic-operated core drill rig capable of performing diamond core drilling as per the specifications listed below. Its utility, primarily, extends to mineral exploration, including diamond exploration and soil testing.

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Some of our products currently under production are listed below.

Core Drilling Equipment

Specifications Models
- Exploration drilling - DCC-1200
- Compact core - DCT-1200
- Drill rigs with modular design - DCC-800
- Multi-purpose drill rigs - DCT-800

Blast Hole Drills

Specifications Models
- Heavy duty crawler-mounted drill rigs for
surface mines and large quarries, using rotary or DTH drilling.
- DBC-100
- DBC-150

Reverse Circulation Rig

Specifications Models
- Crawler /Truck-mounted drill rigs with deck
engine or chassis PTO drive for reverse circulation DTH, rotary drilling.
- DRC-450
- DRT-450